CIKM '99 Schedule

Tuesday November 2, 1999


Wednesday November 3, 1999

9:00 - 10:00am : Keynote Address: Searching the web: can you find what you want?

C. Lee Giles

10:15 - 11:15am : Session I - 3 Parallel Sessions

Session I-A: Spatial Databases

Session chair: Kia Makki (Univ. of SW Louisiana)
"Simple QSF-Trees: An Efficient and Scalable Spatial Access Method"
Byunggu Yu, Ratko Olrandic and Martha Evans

"Transformation-Based Spatial Join"
Ju-Won Song, Kyu-Young Whang, Young-Koo Lee, Min-Jae Lee and Sang-Wook Kim

"Binary String Relations: A Foundation for Spatiotemporal Knowledge Representation"
Delis Vasilis and Hadzilacos Thanasis

Session I-B: Data Extraction

Session chair: David Grossman (Illinois Institute of Tech.)
"Extracting Significant Time Varying Features from Text"
Russell Swan and James Allan

"A Method of Geographical Name Extraction from Japanese Text for Thematic Geographical Search"
Yasusi Kanada

"Training a Selection Function for Extraction"
Chin-Yew Lin

Session I-C: Databases and the Web

Session chair: Stephen Liddle (Brigham Young University)
"Ready for Prime Time - Pre-Generation of Web Pages in TIScover"
B. Proll, H. Starck, W. Retschitzegger and H. Sighart

"Local Replication for Proxy Web Caches with Hash Routing"
Kun-Lung Wu and Philip S. Yu

"Semantic Caching via Query Matching for Web Sources"
Dongwon Lee and Wesley W. Chu

11:30am - 12:30pm : Session II - 3 Parallel Sessions

Session II-A: Structured and Semi-Structured Data

Session chair: Ling Liu (GIT)
"Automatically Extracting Structure and Data from Business Reports"
Stephen W. Liddle, Douglas M. Campbell and Chad Crawford

"Extracting Semi-Structured Data Through Examples"
Berthier Ribiero-Neto, Alberto H.F Laender and Altigran S. da Silva

"Discovering Quasi-Equivalence Relationships from Database Systems"
Mei-Ling Shyu, Shu-Ching Chen and R.L. Kashyap

Session II-B: Document Classification

Session chair: Yannis Labrou (Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County)
"Task-Oriented World Wide Web Retrieval by Document Type Classification"
Katshushi Matsuda and Toshikazu Fukushima

"Classification Algorithms for NETNEWS Articles"
Wen-Lin Hsu and Sheau-Dong Lang

"Text Classification Using ESC-based Stochastic Decision Lists"
Hang Li and Kenji Yamanishi

Session II-C: Web Applications

Session chair: C. Lee Giles (NEC Research Institute)
"Database Model for Web-Based Cooperative Applications"
Waldemar Wieczerzycki

"Indexing and Retrieval of Scientific Literature on the Web"
Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker and C. Lee Giles

"Metadata and Data Structures for the Historical Newspaper Digital Libray"
Robert Allen and John Schalow

12:30 - 2:00pm : Lunch

2:00 - 3:00pm : Session III - 3 Parallel Sessions

Session III-A: Data WareHousing and OLAP

Session chair: Soon M. Chung (Wright State University)
"A Horizontal Fragmentation Algorithm for the Fact Relation in a Distributed Data Warehouse"
Amin Y. Noaman and Ken Barker

"Requirement-Based Data Cube Schema Design"
David W. Cheung, Bo Zhou, Ben Kao, Hongjun Lu, Tak Wah Lam and Hing Fung Ting

"Extending Complex Ad-Hoc OLAP"
Theodore Johnson and Damianos Chatziantoniou

Session III-B: Ontologies on the Web

Session chair: Norbert Goevert (Univ. of Dortmund)
"Yahoo! As an Ontology - Using Yahoo! Categories to Describe Documents"
Yannis Labrou and Tim Finin

"Ontology-Based Web Site Mapping for Information Exploration"
Xiaolan Zhu, Susan Gauch, Lutz Gerhard, Nicholas Kral and Alexander Pretschner

"Browsing Large Digital Library Collections Using Classification Hiearchies"
S. Geffner, D. Agrawal, A. El Abbadi and T. Smith

Session III-C: Distributed Search

Session chair: Charles Nicholas (Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County)
"ZBroker: A Query Routing Broker for Z39.50 Databases"
Yong Lin, Jian Xu, Ee-Peng Lim and Wee-Keong Ng

"Architecture of a Metasearch Engine that Supports User Information Needs"
Eric J. Glover, Steve Lawrence, William P. Birmingham, C. Lee Giles

"Efficient and Effective Metasearch for a Large Number of Text Databases"
Clement Yu, Weiyi Meng, King-Lup Liu, Wensheng Wu and Naphtali Rishe

3:15 - 4:35pm : Session IV - 2 Parallel Sessions plus Panel

Session IV-A: Association Rules

Session chair: Ted Johnson (AT&T)
"Mining Inter-Transaction Associations with Templates"
Ling Feng, Hongjun Lu, Jefferey Xu Yu and Jiawei Han

"Efficient Mining of Association Rules in Text Databases"
John D. Holt and Soon M. Chung

"Using Domain Knowledge in Knowledge Discovery"
Suk-Chung Yoon, Lawrence J. Henschen, E.K. Park and Sam Makki

"Incremental and Interactive Sequence Mining"
S. Parthasarathy, M.J. Zaki, M. Ogihara and S. Dwarkadas

Session IV-B: Query Processing

Session chair: Amy Apon (Univ. of Arkansas)
"SemQL: A Sematic Query Language for Multidatabase Systems"
Jeong-Oog Lee and Doo-Kwon Baik

"Rule-Based Query Optimization, Revisited"
Lane B. Warshaw and Daniel P. Miranker

"Page Access Scheduling in Join Processing"
Andrew Lim, Jennifer Lai-Pheng Kwan and Wee-Chong Oon

"Queryable Acyclic Production Systems"
David Tanzer and Dennis Shasha

Session IV-C: Panel: Information Technology Issues in Industry (David Grossman)

Session chair: David Grossman (Illinois Institute of Tech.)

Thursday November 4, 1999

9:00 - 10:00am : Keynote Address: A Practitioners's View of Techniques Used in Data Warehousing for Sifting Through Data to Provide Information

James T. Scoggins

10:15 - 11:15am : Session V - 3 Parallel Sessions

Session V-A: View Maintenance 1

Session chair: John Smith (IBM)
"Self Maintenance of Multiple Views in Data Warehousing"
S. Samtani, V. Kumar and M. Mohania

"Updates and View Maintenance in Soft Real-Time Database Systems"
Ben Kao, K.Y. Lam, Brad Adelberg, Reynold Cheng and Tony Lee

"An Adaptive View Element Framework for Multi-dimensional Data Management"
John R. Smith and Chung-Sheng Li

Session V-B: Information Retrieval Systems

Session chair: Eytan Adar (Xerox PARC)
"A General Language Model for Information Retrieval"
Fei Song and W. Bruce Croft

"Practical Evaluation of IR within Automated Classification Systems"
R. Dolin, J. Pierre, M. Butler and R. Avedon

"A Unified Environment for Fusion of Information Retrieval Approaches"
M. Catherine McCabe, Abdur Chowdhury, David A. Grossman and Ophir Frieder

Session V-C: Physical Indexing

Session chair: Rokia Missaoui (Univ. du Quebec a Montreal)
"Indexing Field Values in Field Oriented Systems: Interval Quadtree"
Myoung-Ah Kang, Sylvie Servigne, Ki Joune Li and Robert Laurini

"Clustering Declustered Data for Efficient Retrieval"
Hakan Ferhatosmanoglu, Divyakant Agrawal and Amr El Abbadi

"Indexing Techniques for Wireless Data Broadcast Under Data Clustering and Scheduling"
Qinglong Hu, Wang-Chien Lee and Dik Lun Lee

11:30am - 12:30pm : Session VI - 3 Parallel Sessions

Session VI-A: View Maintenance 2

Session chair: Il-Yeol Song (Drexel University)
"Towards Data Warehouse Design"
Ravat Franck, Oliver Teste and Gilles Zurfluh

"Obsolescent Materialized Views in Query Processing of Enterprise Information Systems"
Avigdor Gal

"Efficient Refreshment of Materialized Views with Multiple Sources"
Hui Wang, Maria Orlowska and Weifa Liang

Session VI-B: Efficient Information Retrieval

Session chair: Vijay Kumar (Univ. of Missouri Kansas City)
"An Effective Mechanism for Index Update in Structured Documents"
Hyunchul Jang, Youngil Kim and Dongwook Shin

"Performance and Implications of Semantic Indexing in a Distributed Environment"
Conrad T.K. Chang and Bruce R. Schatz

"Quality of Service Transferred to Information Retrieval: The Adaptive Information Retrieval System"
Claudia Rolker and Ralf Kramer

Session VI-C: User Centric Systems

Session chair: Susan Gauch (Univ. of Kansas)
"An Adaptive Algorithm for Learning Changes in User Interests"
Dwi H. Widyantoro, Thomas R. Ioerger and John Yen

"Haystack: Per-User Information Environments"
Eytan Adar and David Karger

"Information Integration with Attribution Support for Corporate Profiles"
Thomas Lee, Melanie Chams, Robert Nado, Stuart Madnick and Michael Siegel

12:30 - 2:00pm : Lunch

2:00 - 3:00pm : Session VII - 3 Parallel Sessions

Session VII-A: Multimedia Databases

Session chair: Cyrus Shahabi (Univ. of Southern California)
"Architecture of a Networked Image Search and Retrieval System"
R. Weber, J. Bolliger, T. Gross and H.-J. Schek

"A Comparison of Alternative Continuous Display Techniques with Heterogeneous Multi-Zone Disks"
Shahram Ghandeharizadeh and Seon Ho Kim

"Spatial Match Representation Scheme Supporting Ranking in Iconic Images Database"
Yeon-Jung Kim, Choon-Bo Sim and Jae-Woo Chang

Session VII-B: Processing Web Documents

Session chair: Waldemar Wieczerzycki (The Poznan University)
"Word Segmentation and Recognition for Web Document Framework"
Chi-Hung Chi, Chen Ding and Andrew Lim

"An Automated Approach for Retrieving Hierarchical Data from HTML Tables"
Seung-Jin Lim and Yiu-Kai Ng

"A Probabilistic Description-Oriented Approach for Categorising Web Documents"
Norbert Govert, Mounia Lalmas and Norbert Fuhr

Session VII-C: Clustering

Session chair: Sukhamay Kundu (Louisiana State University)
"Clustering Transactions Using Large Items"
Ke wang, Chu Xu and Bing Liu

"A Multiple-Resolution Method for Edge-Centric Data Clustering"
Scott Epter and Mukkai Krishnamoorthy

"A Self-Organized File Cabinet"
Dawn Lawrie and Daniela Rus

3:15 - 4:15pm : Session VIII - 2 Parallel Sessions plus Panel

Session VIII-A: Object-Oriented Databases

Session chair: Michael Halper (Kean University)
"Incremental Encoding of Multiple Inheritance Hierarchies"
M.F. van Bommel and T.J. Beck

"From Object Evolution to Object Emergence"
Dalila Tamzalit and Chabane Oussalah

"Graph-Based Object-Oriented Approach for Structural and Behavioral Representation of Multimedia Data"
Ivan Radev, Niki Pissinou, Kia Makki and E. K. Park

Session VIII-B: Learning and Adaptive Systems

Session chair: S. C. Yoon, Wiedner University)
"A Learning Approach to Processor Allocation in Parallel Systems"
Amy W. Apon, Thomas D. Wagner and Lawrence W. Dowdy

"Adaptive Information Filtering: Detecting Changes in Text Streams"
Carsten Lanquillon and Ingrid Renz

"Archiving Telemeetings"
Constantin Arapis

Session VIII-C: Panel: Data Integration in Electronic Commerce: An Aging Problem Receiving a New Dimension (Avigdor Gal)