Information for Organizers

(last revised May 5, 2020)

Hosting CIKM

Inquiries and expressions of interest about hosting CIKM are welcome!

Reviewing and PC Operations

At its meeting of November 2013, the Steering Committee adopted these Reviewing Guidelines.


The CIKM Bylaws, last revised Novemer 2011, are available

Steering Committee

Steering committee members serve a four-year term, and are limited to two terms. SIG liaisons and Honorary members have no fixed term of service.

The current members of the CIKM Steering Committee include (in alphabetical order by surname):

Nominations for Steering Committee membership are welcome, including self-nominations. Nominees should have a record of scholarship and professional service, including extensive participation in CIKM.

E. K. Park and Charles Nicholas are charter members of the CIKM Steering Committee. Prof. Park is the founder of the CIKM and ICCCN conferences.